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Barbados Cities by Population

5 cities shown of 5 total Barbados cities that are over 1,000 in population...

1. Bridgetown 98,511
2. Speightstown 3,634
3. Oistins 2,285
4. Bathsheba 1,765
5. Holetown 1,350

Barbados History

According to accounts by descendants of the aboriginal Arawak tribes on other local islands, the original name for Barbados was Ichirouganaim.

The origin of the name Barbados"" is controversial. The Portuguese, en route to Brazil are credited as the first Europeans to discover and name the island. It is a matter of conjecture whether the word ""bearded"" refers to the long, hanging roots of the bearded fig-tree, indigenous to the island, to bearded Caribs inhabiting the island, or to the foam spraying over the outlying reefs giving the impression of a beard. In 1519, a map produced by the Genoese mapmaker Vesconte de Maggiola showed and named Barbados in its correct position southeast of the island of Dominica."

Another name associated with Barbados or her people is Bim"" or ""Bimshire"". The origin is uncertain but several theories abound, the National Cultural Foundation of Barbados follows the Dr. Richard Allsopp theory, which is that ""Bim"" was a word commonly used by slaves and that it derives from the phrase ""bi mu"" or either from an Igbo phrase, meaning ""my people."" In colloquial or literary contexts, ""Bim"" can also take a more deific tone, referring to the ""goddess"" Barbados. The word Bim and Bimshire are recorded in the Oxford English Dictionary and the Chamber's Twentieth Century Dictionaries. Another possible source for ""Bim"" is reported to be in the Agricultural Reporter of 25 April 1868, The Rev. N Greenidge suggested the listing of Bimshire as a county of England. Expressly named were ""Wiltshire, Hampshire, Berkshire, and Bimshire"". Lastly in the Daily Argosy of 1652 it referred to Bim as a possible corruption of the word ""Byam"

who was a Royalist leader against the Parliamentarians. That source suggested the followers of Byam became known as Bims and became a word for all Barbadians."""

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