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1 cities shown of 1 total East Timor cities that are over 1,000 in population...

1. Dili 150,000

East Timor History

Timor"" derives from timur, the word for ""east"" in Indonesian and Malay which became Timor in Portuguese and entered English as Portuguese Timor. Lorosa'e is also the word for ""east"" in Tetum, literally ""rising sun""."

The official names under the Constitution is Repblica Democrtica de Timor-Leste in Portuguese, which is almost universally used within the country, and in Tetum, Repblika Demokrtika Timr Lorosa'e, which is infrequently used and is not standard across the many Tetum dialects. Following independence, the government requested the official name in all languages be Timor-Leste, but this has not been commonly adopted within English-speaking countries worldwide, where East Timor"" is the common usage. The Indonesian name Timor Timur, abbreviated as Timtim, is now less widely used, with the Indonesian government and media now using Timor Leste."

The official short form names of countries worldwide are set by the International Organization for Standardization. The ISO 3166-1 official short name in English and all other languages is Timor-Leste. The ISO definition is adopted by the United Nations, the national standards organisations of France, the United States of America, Britain, Germany and Sweden and is universally used by international NGOs. TimorLeste is used as a matter of protocol by the departments of foreign affairs of almost all countries for example, the USA Department of State and the European Union, notable exceptions being Australia, which uses East Timor""."

The ISO name gives rise to the standard three letter country code TLS and two letter country code TL as in the countrys internet domain name. The old two letter country code, TP, is gradually being phased out.

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