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Hong Kong Cities by Population

5 cities shown of 5 total Hong Kong cities that are over 1,000 in population...

1. Hong Kong 7,012,738
2. Kowloon 2,019,533
3. Tsuen Wan 288,728
4. Yung Shue Wan 6,000
5. Sok Kwu Wan 2,100

Hong Kong History

The English-language name Hong Kong"" is an approximate phonetic rendering of the Cantonese or Hakka name """

meaning ""fragrant harbour"" or ""incense harbour""."""

The original fragrant harbour"" was a small inlet between the island of Ap Lei Chau and the south side of Hong Kong Island, now known as Aberdeen Harbour in English, but still called ""Heung Gong Tsai"" in Cantonese. The fragrance came from incense grown to the north of Kowloon that was stored around Aberdeen Harbour for export, before the development of Victoria Harbour. The village of Heung Gong Tsuen on Ap Lei Chau is perhaps the earliest recorded use of the name."

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