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1. Alofi 624

Niue History

Niue was settled by Polynesian sailors from Samoa around 900 AD. Further settlers arrived from Tonga in the 16th century.

Until the beginning of the 18th century, there appears to have been no national government or national leader in Niue. Before then, chiefs and heads of families exercised authority over segments of the population. Around 1700 the concept and practice of kingship appears to have been introduced through contact with Samoa or Tonga. From then on, a succession of patu-iki ruled the island, the first of whom was Puni-mata. Tui-toga, who reigned from 1875 to 1887, was the first Christian king of Niue.

The first European to sight Niue was Captain James Cook in 1774. Cook made three attempts to land on the island but was refused permission to do so by the Polynesian inhabitants. He named the island Savage Island"" because, legend has it, the natives that ""greeted"" him were painted in what appeared to be blood. However, the substance on their teeth was that of betel nut and not blood."

For the next couple of centuries the island remained known as Savage Island, until its original name Niu, which translates to ehold the coconut"

regained use. Its official name is still Niu fekai."""

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