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Qatar Cities by Population

13 cities shown of 13 total Qatar cities that are over 1,000 in population...

1. Doha 344,939
2. Ar Rayyan 272,465
3. Umm Salal Muhammad 29,391
4. Al Wakrah 26,436
5. Al Khawr 18,923
6. Ash Shahaniyah 8,380
7. Dukhan 7,250
8. Al Wukayr 5,146
9. Ar Ru'ays 3,334
10. Umm Bab 2,500
11. Al Ghuwayriyah 2,332
12. Al Jumayliyah 1,788
13. Fuwayrit 1,333

Qatar History

believed to refer to the Qatari town of Zubara

an important trading port and town in the region in ancient times. The word ""Qatara"" first appeared on Ptolemy's map of the Arabian Peninsula."""

In Standard Arabic, the name is pronounced IPA:, while the local dialect pronounces it giar. In English-language broadcast media within Qatarfor example, television commercials for Qatar Airways and advertisements concerning economic development in Qatarthe name is pronounced KA-tar"

with a distinct differentiation between the syllables from the forming of the 't' sound."""

During the pre-Islamic era, the peninsula was often dominated by various foreign powers, such as Persian dynasties, the last of which included the Qatar peninsula, which they called Meshmahig, in the large region of Bahran/Bahrain with its capital once at Shirin. This province included the island of Bahrain and the coastal regions of modern Saudi Arabia."

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