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Saint Kitts and Nevis Cities by Population

2 cities shown of 2 total Saint Kitts and Nevis cities that are over 1,000 in population...

1. Basseterre 12,920
2. Charlestown 1,538

Saint Kitts and Nevis History

Saint Kitts and Nevis are geographically part of the Leeward Islands. To the north-northwest lie the islands of Saint Eustatius, Saba, Saint Barthlemy, and Saint-Martin/Sint Maarten. To the east and northeast are Antigua and Barbuda, and to the southeast is the small uninhabited island of Redonda, and the island of Montserrat, which currently has an active volcano

Saint Kitts and Nevis were amongst the first islands in the Caribbean to be settled by Europeans. Saint Kitts was home to the first British and French colonies in the Caribbean.

Saint Kitts and Nevis is the smallest nation on Earth to ever host a World Cup event; it was one of the host venues of the 2007 Cricket World Cup.

Saint Kitts was named Liamuiga"" by the Kalinago Indians who inhabited the island. This name, roughly translated in English means ""fertile land,"" a testimony to the island's rich volcanic soil and high productivity."

Nevis' pre-Columbian name was Oualie"

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