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Sint Maarten Cities by Population

2 cities shown of 2 total Sint Maarten cities that are over 1,000 in population...

1. Cul de Sac 8,467
2. Philipsburg 1,400

Sint Maarten History

Simpsonbay, Madame Estate, Dutch Cul-de-sac, Duch Quarter, Cole Bay, Oyster pond, South Reward, Saint-Peters, Ebernezer Estate Pointe-Blanche, Middle Region, Cay hill, Upper Prince's Quarter and Lower Prince's Quarter.

Sint Maarten is an island area"

a component of the Netherlands Antilles comparable to a municipality. The Netherlands Antilles are part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands though not in the European Union. Its currency is the Antillean guilder. A planned restructuring of the Netherlands Antilles on December 15

2008 will see Sint Maarten become a separate country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. This dissolution is still planned

but has been postponed to an indefinite future date."""

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