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Western Sahara Cities by Population

3 cities shown of 3 total Western Sahara cities that are over 1,000 in population...

1. Laayoune / El Aaiun 188,084
2. Ad Dakhla 75,000
3. Smara 42,056

Western Sahara History

Western Sahara War History of Morocco Spanish Sahara Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic Spanish Morocco Colonial wars in Morocco Moroccan Army of Liberation Ifni War ICJ Advisory Opinion UN in Spanish Sahara Madrid Accords Green March Berm Human rights in Western Sahara

Saguia el-Hamra Ro de Oro Southern Provinces Free Zone

Legal status of Western Sahara Politics of Morocco Politics of the SADR Polisario Front Former members of the Polisario Front CORCAS Moroccan Initiative for Western Sahara

Moroccan Army of Liberation Harakat Tahrir Polisario Front Zemla Intifada Independence Intifada

UN Security Council Resolution 1495|Resolution 1495 Resolution 1754 UN visiting mission MINURSO Settlement Plan Houston Agreement Baker Plan Manhasset negotiations

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